Our Solutions Are What Set Us Apart

3D Modeling

During our initial visit to a client we use a 3D imaging device to capture the dimensions of the spaces we will be quoting. It provides us with a 3D render of a space and all the surfaces inside, allowing us to “virtually” measure while we are back in the office doing the designs.

We use Chief Architect software for all our designs and renders. It’s a very powerful design package typically used by architectural firms. There are several design packages out there and while some are specifically tailored to kitchens and/or bathrooms, we find that Chief Architect has a broader toolset that allows us to work with overall spaces versus just modeling cabinets.

Most of our quotes will include some type of layout plan as well as basic 3D renders that demonstrate a close estimate of how the project will look when completed. If we move forward to contract, we work with the clients to refine the designs and renders to more closely represent the materials, colors, and layouts they desire.

Material Selection and Design

We have extensive knowledge of the materials, both decorative and structural, available to complete many projects. During the quotation process we will incorporate suggestions based upon our initial client visit and will continue to evolve those selections once we move to contract.

We pride ourselves on our ability to select innovative solutions for our clients and shepherd them through many of the various options they may desire. We do not believe in quantity over quality and will only recommend products that we would install in our own home.

Deb plays a key role in the design part of our process and works with clients either bringing materials directly to their homes or going with them to our many suppliers to help them with the decision process. We understand that this part of the journey can be overwhelming, and we help by placing suggestions and narrowing options based upon information we obtain from our client discussions. Unlike some designers, we will not impart our “style” onto you. We strive to understand what you want and help you develop your own style.

Behind all this Jeff constantly provides input regarding the “bones” of the project be it structural or technological. We exclusively use Wedi backer systems for all of our wet/shower spaces because we believe in the product as demonstrated by their unlimited 10-year warranty, but also because of the unbelievable flexibility it provides in designing tiled surfaces.

Setting the tiles, installing the cabinets, rebuilding the walls are only the visible and tangible parts of a project that one can see. A lot of planning, care, and thought needs to be behind these efforts for them to come together to be the beautiful transformation we deliver to our clients.

Starting before we even sign a contract with our clients, Jeff and Deb put a lot of time and care into laying out and planning a client’s project. We have decades of experience in code compliance as well as corporate project management and use professional tools such as Microsoft Project to help schedule, communicate, and track project progress. We dedicate a lead team member for each project who is responsible for the day to day progress on each job. Jeff keeps in touch with each lead daily and visits every job site multiple times a week to make sure we stay on schedule. All the subcontractors used on our jobs report directly to us and we understand how to best coordinate their efforts. While there may be down times on jobs due to waiting times for inspections and coordination of subcontractors, we pride ourselves on our ability to be as close to 100% focused on our clients during a project duration as possible.

We are fully licensed and are responsible for pulling all building permits as required by the local jurisdiction. In addition, we require that all our licensed subcontractors follow the same procedures for their respective trades.

While both Deb and Jeff have decades of experience combined in the construction field, they both also have tremendous experience from other disciplines. Deb is a Certified Public Accountant and has her MBA. She has worked in both corporate and small business accounting and has extensive experience with managing the finances and back office for the building, remodeling and heavy civil construction industries.

Jeff has his engineering degree as well as MBA and has worked in both Telecommunications as well as construction industries for 20+ years. He served on numerous local town boards including Zoning and Conservation and has served as the local building and zoning officer. In the Telecommunications field he has had responsibility for code and quality compliance for many products installed in commercial projects and has 11 patents in products related to that field.